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Dave Skinner is a man of phases and experiences when it comes to his love of music. In his formative years he was introduced to a variety of musical instruments ranging from the accordion to trombone, clarinet, piano, and guitar.

After graduating from Texas A & M in 1975, he did a stint in the U.S. Navy and while serving in the Philippines heard a group of Navy folks playing bluegrass at a church function. Moved by this genre of music, and having a fiddle in his possession, one of his heralded phases commenced and Dave taught himself how to play it. Fiddling led to the mandolin and 5 string banjo, and ultimately to ten years of bluegrass.

The next musical phase for Dave occurred when he returned to playing the classical guitar—a phase that lasted for five years and developed a certain amount of sticking power. It was then a natural step to add traditional sacred music to the mix as Dave took on the role of music leader for his small central Texas church.

It was when Dave and his wife saw Rosemary Clooney perform at Feinstein’s in the Regency in NYC that led to his latest phase—a smoking hot  romance with America’s jazz standards…the songs from the Great American Songbook. With the acquisition of another guitar, to go along with his classical model, he has been playing these songs ever since.

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